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Become An International Escort

If you are bored with your 9 to 5 life, consider becoming an escort. Most people dream of an exciting life. Unfortunately, few progress beyond the stage of dreaming.

For a small group of women, our team offers an exciting solution...


Are you missing excitement in your life? Is work, university or a stale relationship bringing you down?

The girlfriend experience (GFE) provides safe, discreet and exciting adventures in exclusive 5-star settings. Our team arranges

  • Dinner Dates
  • Overnight Stays
  • Weekends Away
  • Exotic Vacation
  • Travel Companions


with VIP's, entrepreneurs and international executives. Our GFE clients are generous, polite and thoroughly screened.

We don't entertain speed dating. And we don't do Quickies. We also reject the numerous brief meetings typical of the usual 'turnover-focused' escort agencies.

Our focus is on the experience. We entertain a 3-hour dinner date as the minimum engagement.

Financial Problems

Are you are a rising star who needs funding for their business venture? Or are you a college student needing a discrete, supplementary income? Either way, joining our lifestyle agency allows you to reach these goals. Quality escort jobs are fun and pay well.

Affluent Lifestyle

Or would you simply like to maintain an independent and affluent lifestyle? Whatever the reason, joining the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE allows you to reach these goals.

Online Dating

Dating should be fun. Have you had enough of being catfished by Facebook or Tinder Dates? Both platforms are popular - because they are free. The experienced will say "You got what you paid for".

Please consider that most dating platforms do little to separate the men from the boys, and the posers from the high rollers. The internet not only enables individuals to be anonymous, but allows them to be whoever they want to be in their dating profiles. Buyer beware. Dating scams cost money, disappoint and break hearts.

The Girlfriend Experience eliminates these issues. Our clients are properly vetted by our team. Furthermore, our clients pay handsomely in advance of a date.

Quality Introductions

We provide genuine, top quality engagements for a VIP Escort with executive calibre gentlemen of all ages, where the focus is on a mutually beautiful experience. Your assignments are fully briefed beforehand.

Travel Companion Wanted

Many of our clients are seeking an attractive and interesting travel companion. All expenses are paid. You may expect wonderful life experiences, VIP travel and 5-star luxury accommodation.

High Income

Lucrative instant earnings are a given with escort jobs. The sky is the limit!

Out Of Shape

It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, our team members enjoy a complimentary fitness club membership. Our team also provides nutrition advice, so you can look and feel your very best.


Your safety and well-being are our number one priorities. Our team members are treated like family. Only thoroughly screened, first class VIP clients are accepted. We have a competent security team at your disposal.

Happy Girls

We believe beauty comes from the inside. Happy girls are the prettiest girls!

Our team therefore does everything possible to make sure our companions are happy. Simply put, our companions are better paid and better taken care of than anywhere else.

No Experience Necessary

No experience is necessary to join our exciting world. All you need is the right mindset for becoming an escort. We not only provide full training on how to be an escort, but also life coaching.

Confidential Application

All applications are handled discreetly and strictly confidential. No personal information will be disclosed to any third parties without your consent. We do not post pictures on the internet.

All data is stored on our secure servers in Switzerland.

How to become an escort

This is a question we frequently hear and read. There is no one size fits all answer, as factors like your gender, location, attractiveness and education would be influential factors. If one disregards these factors, a key question is if you would like to find escorts jobs on your own, or if you would like an escort agent to represent you. The former option would make you an independent escort. The second option would make you an agency escort.

Independent Escort

If you would like to be independent, we suggest that you find a photographer who will take suitable pictures. Once you have these pictures, you can start uploading them on various escort directories. We suggest that you get an additional mobile phone, with a separate phone number. Separate your private from your escort calls and messages. In our humble opinion, you want to separate a call for an escort job from your private life. Discretion is key.

Once you are ready for your first escort job, you need to think about your rates. You might enter them into your escort profiles. Leaving the rate out of the profiles will result in more calls, but the quality of the calls will decrease. ntring your rates should preselct prospctive clients. In either case you will need to screen all calls and messages. You are responsible for managing your appointments and making travel arrangements. Last but not least, you need to negotiate your rates with prospective clients and make sure you get paid.

Agency Escort

We can imagine what you may have seen online or heard about casting for escort jobs, but we can assure you that escort recruitment by a reputable agency does not take place on a casting couch!

If you would like to become an agency escort, the agency will make an appointment with a photographer, who will take suitable pictures of you. Once the team has the pictures, they will create a profile for you on their platform. They may also upload them on various escort directories, but your profile will be linked to the agencies' website and phone number. The team will receive all phone calls and inquiries. You will not be bothered by time wasters, lewd phone calls and dick pics sent by SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram. The escort agent will screen all prospective clients.

The team will show you how to become an international escort. The team will guide you on the appropriate look, etiquette and the do's and dont's. The agency then provides a first assignment, what some would call an escort job, with a suitable client. The client will have paid in advance, so time wasters are eliminated. All travel arrangements are taken care of, and paid in advance as well. You have nothing to worry about and can focus on having a great time. As all communication is handled by the agency, stalking is never an issue.


If you would like to apply, please click the below Join the Team button and tell us more about yourself. Please answer all questions honestly.

Applications without pictures cannot be considered. Pictures should be recent and show you clearly. Please do not send blurred images or masked faces.

If you have questions, email