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Travel Companion Wanted — All Expenses Paid

Attractive travel companion wanted

Paid female travel companion wanted

Travel companion wanted. We are looking for attractive, interesting ladies to escort our well-heeled gentlemen on business and private trips.

All expenses are paid. Attractive compensation will be paid for your time.

You will travel to exciting locations, dine at top restaurants and sleep at beautiful hotels. Last but not least, you will see the world.

The BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE offers travel companion jobs for beautiful ladies. If you are a female travel companion, or interested in becoming one, please fill in this application.

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I am 31 and based in Johannesburg. I want to join.

Please apply with this form:

Best Regards,



I am a mature single black female from Durban, South Africa. I'm interested in being part of this exciting industry. Willing to travel. Currently, working a 9-5 job, however open-minded should the right opportunity become available. Will prefer call-outs and open to the grooming options mentioned on the site. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Please fill in the form at

to apply for our organization.

Prettу! This was a realⅼy wonderfսl post. Many thanks for pгoviding this info.

I would like to know if it's possible for me to join. Please let me know what you require 😉

Dear Sasha,

We are looking for exceptionally beautiful, charming and eloquent individuals. If you think this describes you, please apply by filling in the form at

Best Regards,


I am a gorgeous, intelligent, vivacious, kind, fun-loving and flexible woman in my forties. I am young at heart and know how to make a man feel like a King. Thank you, Ange.

Dear Ange,

There are many very desirable women in their forties. If you feel exceptionally beautiful, charming and eloquent, please apply by filling in the form at

Best Regards,


Why are these jobs only available for women?

We are a boutique agency working in the field of luxury companionship. We focus on a specific demographic: Female escorts and male clients.

There are other agencies, which provide a similar service for female clients. Why don't you contact and see if they can be of help?

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