How much time do I get to spend with a companion?

If I decide to move forward with the Girlfriend Experience, how much time will we spend together?

What if I don't like the Companion you have suggested?

The Girlfriend Experience appears to be expensive. What if I don't like the Companion?

Who pays for the expenses in a GFE arrangement?

I am trying to understand what the Girlfriend Experience will actually cost me. Who pays for the various expenses?

What does the Girlfriend Experience cost in 2019?

I am curious about GFE? I have heard many different numbers among friends and did not find a conclusive answer online.

Why don't you show profiles of the ladies on your website?

I would like to see the women you have available for the Girlfriend Experience. Why can't I see them on your site?

What does GFE stand for?

I heard my friends talking about a GFE arrangement. What does GFE stand for?