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DARK SECRETS 2019 in review

DARK SECRETS 2019 | 26 hours of naughty partying with beautiful women


Unfortunately, we had this event scheduled for the only day of the week which had disappointing weather. Running around in a black bikini turned into a chilly exercise...

Even though the event was sold out, the less than perfect weather had two VIPs cancel their attendance.

Those who followed our invitation, made the best of a great adult venue. Eight different DJs played a range of music from chilling lounge music to commercial music, and finally to Deep House. After 26 hours of partying, it is not hard to admit that some of us are broken...

We had a great time, and are already planning the next event.

Thank You

We would like to express a special thank you to FUNKTION KONCEPTS for providing two impressive FUNKTION-ONE sound systems and PROSONIC for providing two lighting systems, including 4 lasers. The setup was epic.


Comments ( 5 )

Cool event guys!

Loved the all in white Med vibe inside. The sound system and the light show were better than anything I have seen in Cape Town...

What is next?

Thank you for the compliment Kaylene. The all white room, white furniture, smoke and lasers combined for an incredible effect. It brought back our past at Delano Hotel, Nikki Beach and Pearl Nightclub. We absolutely loved it!

Preston, Thane and Daniel created a better set and vibe than we could have asked for :-)

Pictures or it did not happen

In reply to by George F

We clearly stated in the event description that this is a no-photo event, so there should not be any pictures.

When is the next event?

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